Financial Institutions

DataPaas will facilitate information sharing; no relying from one component to the next. DataPaas replaces multiple screens and human intervention with automation and secure transactions. You select the communication you want to automate, and the Lending Partner for the task. DataPaas provides the integration with the FinTechs - No throw away & No Re-training


DataPaas help maximize your investment. Have an API? We have the integration with your client's system. DataPaas will improve acceptance and penetration with existing clients. DataPaas will increase visibility and interest from a broader audience. DataPaas will free up your technical resources from customer integration and technical support.

With DataPaaS:

You can accelerate your digital lending platform initiatives; they can be Cloud Neutral, this is not a Data Store and does not hold on to or share the transaction data. With DataPaaS, you are in charge of Client/Vendor partnership. We are an instrument - not a decision maker; our product is the integration - we are not a reseller. The integration is an extension of your Lender-FinTech agreement. The DataPaaS integration roadmap can be flexible - we can accommodate your needs. 

Since 1997 TrilliCom has been solving data sharing problems across industries, vendors, and platforms using its technology, methodology and process. The TrilliCom Engine™ has processed petabytes of data and billions of transactions.